Useful management information is what counts!

Large quantities of mobile data benefit you only if they can be converted into practical and useful management information, and that's exactly what our online applications give you - intelligent information that is quick, easy and transparent to use. It's never been easier to quickly and efficiently plan, manage and report your activities and realise significant savings at the same time!


Obtain improved insight into the maintenance and management of public spaces via reliable and transparent management information. It's never been easier to quickly and efficiently plan, manage and report your activities.

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Always have clean and safe roads available due to improved insight into and control of your salting activities. Optimum salting routes are provided in no time, so why not start today with a more efficient deployment of your employees and equipment.

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Introduce a simpler, more efficient and less expensive management system for your sports or recreation complex! Obtain greater insight into your maintenance activities and optimise your deployment of employees and equipment.

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Dealing with nature more respectfully and sustainably is simplified by applications that give you insight into the possibilities for a better and more efficient management and maintenance of landscape, forests and nature areas.

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Always have clean takeoff and landing runways available due to real-time insight into your salting or sweeping activities. Implement an improved, more efficient and flexible planning process together with more reliable accounting afterwards.

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