What Infra & Green Report can do for you

Infra & Green Report is divided into three standalone applications, each of which has various modules to assist you in planning, executing and evaluating your activities.

Infra &Green Report StreetSweeping

Infra & Green Report Street Sweeping provides you with a total solution for your vehicle fleet. At any given moment, it shows you quickly and clearly what your vehicles are doing. It shows you which areas are being swept and for how long, where the vans are located, and where your specialised vehicles are operating.

Infra & Green Report Monitoring

Infra & Green Report Monitoring gives you insight into the actual quality of the public space. All measurements are immediately accessible in the application after they are recorded, and clear and transparent reports quickly update you on the performance realised and on where improvements in execution are possible.

Infra & Green Report Culverts

Infra & Green Report Culverts gives you a clear overview of emptying operations and defects. The application unerringly shows you where the culverts are located, when they need to be emptied, and where any problems may arise. In addition, it quickly and efficiently generates reports so that you can demonstrate and account for your activities or carry out any necessary repairs.