Transparent information on the public space and roads

Would you like to know as quickly as possible whether the work activities you are responsible for have been properly executed and also share this information with your client? The flexible solutions provided by Infra & Green Report gives you quick and transparent information on the results of all your work activities.
The Infra & Green Report web applications are always accessible. At any moment, you can log in safely and securely from any computer to get the latest information and take corrective action whenever necessary. All the Datamining information that we collect is stored securely in our data centre and therefore always available.

How does the Datamining process for Infra & Green Report work?

DMI's Datamining is applied across a broad range of activities to monitor and manage the quality of the public space and roads. It sends us live information from sweeping machines, vacuum trucks, handhelds and a variety of other machines so that we know exactly which areas have been swept, whether all the culverts have been emptied and, in general, whether the quality of the public space complies with
the relevant requirements. That is also our core expertise: by combining Datamining
with intelligent web applications, we can quickly provide you with a clear and
transparent picture of your performance.