More effective and more efficient management and maintenance of woodland, wildlife areas and landscape

Treating nature with respect: DMi Nature & Landscape Report facilitates this with applications that allow us to create insight into the current situation and offer the opportunity for better and more efficient management and maintenance. For woodland, wildlife areas and landscape.

With Nature & Landscape Report, you will know instantly whether the work activities are being carried out correctly, and performance results can be shared between the client and the contractor the same day.

One of the outcomes of the system is the generation of management reports in a user-friendly manner.
For government bodies, the information is relevant to give shape to the policy and to be able to account for decisions that have been taken.

How does Nature & Landscape Report data mining work?

The current situation in the woodland and/or landscape is recorded using a PDA or smartphone. The application clearly shows where improvements are required and which activities would be required to achieve these improvements. The results of these activities are then mapped out transparently and immediately.

The web-based Nature & Landscape application is always accessible online, keeping you updated on developments and the current situation in real time. This makes it possible to make adjustments
where necessary, even while the activities are being carried out.
The information is stored safely in our data centre and will be kept for seven years.