The Rijk van Nijmegen about DMi Golf Report

Het Rijk Van Nijmegen

With a smartphone in hand, the main green keepers of the Rijk van Nijmegen perform daily inspections on the golf course. As a result, they can see the current situation and job inventory on their desktop in the office in no time at all! Gerhard Teunissen sounds enthusiastic about the Golf Report system that he has been using since May last year (first as a pilot):

"This works many times better and more efficiently than taking notes or trying to remember right up to your desk stool where you saw game damage or an overflowing garbage bin. You can easily register these 'to do' things and the data is retained automatically so that you can rely on this for analysis later. First of all, the system is useful for registering jobs outside the daily course maintenance and not to forget. The monitoring of all golf course components is also extremely useful. And ease of use is very great. "