The benefits of Winter Report

All the information on display

Has the entire route been salted? Have the slip roads also been properly done? By displaying the route taken on the map, it makes it easy for you to look at all the details. And you can easily and quickly highlight any missed pieces by overlaying the map with the route actually followed by the vehicle: any gaps are immediately obvious!

Check everything at a glance

You don't have much time but need to evaluate a campaign at a glance. You can do so easily with Winter Report by displaying the results of your call for action. You can immediately see which salting vehicles have been in action, how long they've been operating, and when each vehicle returned to the de depot. And if you need more in-depth information, you can simply move the various runs to the map or view the details of the runs.

Clear reports with export functionality

Winter Report makes it easy for you to display reports on the screen with a few simple clicks. Regardless of whether you want to look at a small-scale campaign involving a few runs or an overview of the entire fleet, you can quickly put the information on the screen with a few simple mouse clicks.
As soon as the report you want it displayed, you can export it to Excel with a simple click, where you can modify or format it as you see fit.

Secure and reliable

We appreciate better than anyone how important it is for you to know that the salting activities have been properly carried out within the agreed time frame. After all, your clients need to see proof. Accordingly, the storage of the data is just as important to us as the Datamining activity itself. All the information is stored for a minimum of 7 years in our secure data centre.

The benefits in a nutshell

  • Live monitoring of activities as they're carried out
  • Seeing exactly what is being put onto the road
  • Knowing exactly when the activities took place
  • Reports on salt consumption
  • Proof of execution without paper forms
  • Overview of all activities
  • Insight into your results and performance everywhere and at all times