One click shows you all your salting activities quickly and clearly

Would you like to quickly and easily check to make sure that all your salting routes have been effectively salted? Would you like to be able to quickly access insightful reports describing your latest performance results?

The Datamining technology behind Winter Report provides you with this information in real time from the salting vehicles. You can even monitor their progress live while they're still in action.

The Winter Report web-based application is always online and accessible. Regardless of whether you want to make a quick check of the salting routes, monitor salt consumption, or download a detailed report to account for all your activities, you can login securely from any computer whenever you wish.
All the data we collect is stored safely and securely in our data centre and is therefore always available to you.

How does the Datamining functionality of Winter Report actually work?

The modem on your salting vehicle registers all the actions taken and sends us this information in real time. We receive information on the amount and composition of the salt being distributed, speed, location and more directly from the vehicle. But that's just the starting point for our core expertise:
By integrating the Datamining process with intelligent web software, we can quickly provide you with clear and transparent information on all your activities and related performance whenever you wish.