Province of Zuid-Holland about Winter Report

The province of Zuid-Hollandstarted working with Winter Report in 2006. Henk-Jan Wissink, Roads Manager:

"We started using it on a large scale and installed the system on no fewer than 66 salting vehicles. I'm an enthusiastic fan. In only 30 minutes, it shows me how much salt has been used throughout the entire province. All the information collected by the salting vehicle while in operation is available to me practically immediately."

The province of Zuid-Holland uses this information for its internal monitoring and accounting process and also for dealing and settling accounts with the contractors carrying out the work. "In addition, the system is watertight when it comes to damage claims. Everything is stored in the database, and if something happens, we can immediately see and prove whether or not we were at the location in question and whether the location was properly salted. That really is an enormous advantage."

That is also the message communicated by Wissink to municipalities and other road users. "Municipalities and smaller organisations responsible for road management sometimes hesitate to make the necessary investments, but I always say that if it enables you to prevent just a single damage
claim, it has already more than paid for itself."