Working at DMi

DMi Report develops user-friendly applications for management at companies and organisations which make it possible to manage and maintain the public space more intelligently and efficiently. Using high-quality knowledge and technology, we aim to make processes more effective, efficient and transparent, thereby providing greater insight and ensuring registration and accountability for all the activities carried out. Our practical set of tools allows managers and operational officers to work together effectively to plan, execute and monitor activities and to make corrections when necessary to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.

Our products are used successfully for the management and maintenance of infrastructure by local, provincial and national government bodies and by organisations responsible for large business sites or parks, airports, sports fields, golf courses and green public spaces. DMi specialises in the optimisation of snow and ice management services. We are a leading player in the Netherlands and aim to also offer our services elsewhere in Europe in the near future.


For questions or (open) applications, contact us.